Tom Felton hails Emma Watson ‘unique beautiful soul’, as Rupert Grint claims Harry Potter stars had ‘sparks’

Tom Felton has shared his love for Emma Watson, amid claims from their Harry Potter co-star Rupert Grint he saw a ‘spark’ between the two. Growing up with Emma – as well as Rupert and Daniel Radcliffe – Tom spoke of going through ‘something pretty unique together’, as in becoming worldwide famous before they hit puberty. Now adults and out of the franchise, Tom, 32, has shared his love for Emma, 29, who he reveals lives only around the corner from him. Not doing much to dispel any dating rumours there, mate. Still, it’s clear the beloved friendship the pair shares, as Tom told about the close living quarters of all his Harry Potter co-stars, who have remained firm friends outside the movies.

Tom Felton

Tom has spoken about his closeness with his Harry Potter castmates (Picture: Rex Features)

‘Emma’s got a place around the corner from me in LA, as does Bonnie [Wright, who played Ginny Weasley], I think Matt Lewis [who played Neville Longbottom] lived there for a while,’ Tom, who is starring as Laertes in Ophelia, explained. ‘We’re growing up slowly but surely. I couldn’t say enough good words about any of them.’ He continued: ‘Rupert’s such a down to earth guy despite all the fandom and whatnot. Daniel, his work ethic is incredible. He’s a funny, witty guy… ‘Emma’s Emma, she’s a unique, beautiful soul. It’s always nice to bump into one another.’

Rupert Grint noticed a 'spark' between Emma Watson and Tom Felton

Rupert Grint saw sparks between Emma Watson and Tom Felton

When suggested Emma will rule the world one day, Tom replied: ‘I doubt it not.’ It comes after Rupert’s admission he saw something between the two actors during their time working on the whimsical films. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Rupert, 31, said that he didn’t want to stir up any rumours… after he stirred up the rumours big time. When asked if he could ever see Emma and Tom together, the actor said: ‘Yeah I could. ‘There was always something. There was a little bit of a spark.’

While Emma recently insisted she was ‘self-partnered’ and Tom did the same, he seems pretty content with his work/life balance at the moment. Hardly scrounging around for a job and worth a few squillion dollars from his magical HP days, he laughed: ‘I won’t lie, I’ve got it pretty good, I’m pretty lucky.’ Speaking about the undying love of Harry Potter and how we’re still obsessed with The Boy Who Lived, the Draco Malfoy actor insisted he was happy to chat about the film that launched his international career until the dementors come home.



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