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Ronald Bilius Weasley (common name Ron Weasley ) is a fictional character in the Harry Potter series of female writer JK Rowling . As one of the main characters in this series, he made his first appearance in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone , was one of the two best friends and later became the brother-in-law of the main character Harry Potter .

In the series adapted from this series, actor Rupert Grint plays Ronald Weasley. Ron’s Patronus is shaped like the dog Jack Russell Terrier

General Information 


Ron was born on 1 month 3 year 1980 , was the son of Arthur Weasley and Molly (Prewett) Weasley , the family members of the oldest pureblood witch and famous Weasley. Ron is the sixth of seven children and the youngest son. Ron grew up at The Burrow (Farmhouse in Soc Hang), next to the village of Ottery St. Devon’s Catchpole. Ron has five brothers, Bill , Charlie , Percy , twin brothers Fred and George and a younger sister Ginny . Ron is married to his best girlfriend Hermione Jean Granger and has 2 children, Rose andHugo .

The process of character development 

According to JK Rowling, Ron was one of the characters she created from the start, inspired by her best friend, Sean Harris (whom the second volume of the series was recommended), but later she made it clear. that there is no meaning to describe Sean in the character Ron. [ citation needed ] Ron for Harry Potter has the same role as Sean for Rowling, Ron “is always there” when Harry needs him.

Ron is the exact role model of a Harry Potter crony, often a comforter, always loyal to the central hero, and lacks most of the talent that Harry Potter possesses, at least magically. However, unlike a few similar characters, Ron is not cowardly, repeatedly showing his courage, especially in the magical chess game in the first episode of the series, and with Harry Potter entering the Forbidden Forest in the episode 2 despite his spider phobia. The name “Ronald” was Englishized from Old Norse (a language used in northern Germany) “Rögnvaldr,” meaning “mastermind”. In other words, Ron’s name somehow shows his role in the series – an assistant to “the king” Harry.

Some characteristics of Ron seem to be the background for the main character Harry Potter. While Harry is an orphan with more money than necessary, Ron comes from a big family full of love, but very poor. Most of Ron’s belongings are “heirloom” from his brothers, including pets being mice from his older brother Percy.. Harry is famous but often wants to avoid becoming the focus; On the contrary, Ron is often seen as a follower, sometimes a little jealous of Harry’s reputation. In the end, Ron was always the most insignificant of his siblings, both in sports, academically, and not being a girl as his mother wanted. These things have created psychological instability, inferiority complex and the need to be expressed as a person worthy of respect, as the most important points in the development of this character.

Role in the series

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Ron first appears in details from Harry to the King’s Crossroads, ready to enroll at Hogwarts . Harry couldn’t find the way, and the Weasley family helped him cross the wall to Terminal 9 3/4 to get on the train. Ron and Harry sat in the same carriage, and from here began their friendship: Ron noticed Harry because he was famous, and Harry felt interested in getting acquainted with his pureblood wizard. They also met her friend Hermione Granger , whom they both disliked at first, but then became best friends after saving each other from the mountain troll. Ron and Harry study together most of the classes throughout the series, and have almost the same academic accomplishments and difficulties. Ron plays a very important role in the defenseThe Sorcerer’s Stone in the first episode. The boy’s tactics at the Great Wizard’s Chess Board helped Harry and Hermione safely pass the life-sized chess board. Ron had to sacrifice his chess pieces and was knocked unconscious. With that achievement, at the year-end ceremony, Ron was awarded 50 points to the Gryffindor house by the headmaster of Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore , thus helping the house to win the Cup.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
On the night of Harry Potter’s 12th birthday (July 31), when the boy was locked in the bedroom to the point of starvation, Ron and his twins drove the flying Ford Anglia at the same time. pick up Harry and take him to the Farmhouse in Squirrel Cave . Harry spent his happy summer days here. On September 1, when Harry and Ron were about to board the train to school, the gates of Nine-Quarter-Four suddenly closed. So the two boys had to go to school by flying car. Upon arriving at school, an accident happened: The car hit the Willow and was beaten up by the whipping tree, causing Ron’s wand to be nearly broken. This incident caused a stir in school, which made Harry and Ron detained and also caused Ron’s father, Mr. Weasley.Have trouble. Because of that, the next morning, his mother, Mrs. Molly Weasley, sent him a thunder letter filled with anger. On a day when the Quidditch practice of the home team was interrupted, and her best friend Hermione by him was Draco Malfoy called Mudblood ( blood silt ), Ron had the blessing vomit slugs to punish Malfoy but unfortunately, wand His spell countered, causing Ron to throw up the snail. When Harry Potter was suspected of being the Slytherin Successor, making him very sad and upset, Ron was always with him. Ron and Harry had taken the Multidemic medicine, which Hermione made to turn into Goyle and Crabbe – Draco’s best friend to inquire what Draco knew about Slytherin’s Successor. Ron was also the first to find cluesTom Marvolo Riddle in the “Special school service” locket because the night of detention Ron had accidentally vomited the snail out of the locket in the Traditional room and he had to polish it 50 times. Later, Ron was confronted with his greatest fear when he and Harry went to the Forbidden Forest to meet the giant spider Aragog (although he was extremely afraid of spiders), both were nearly eaten by the spiders. but saved by a Ford Anglia car. With the clue Hermione left before being petrified, Harry and Ron have found the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets. Ron accompanied Harry to the Chamber of Secrets to find the basilisk. However, his role in this ended when a part of the cave collapsed, and Harry was forced to continue on his own. Both were recognized for “Special service to the school” and were awarded 200 points eachGryffindor House .

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
In this series, Ron’s role is quite similar to the previous one, while Hermione becomes more important.

When the Scabbles, Ron’s mouse went missing, Ron attributed it to Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks. Later, however, because of Hermione’s downfall due to the heavy curriculum and the finding of evidence to argue for her son Buckbeak’s code after causing injuries to Draco Malfoy. They rush in to find evidence along with Harry and Hermione to help Rubeus Hagrid with the baby Ma. The trio found Ron’s Scabbles in Hagrid’s house, but he ran away from Ron. Ron chased the mouse to the Willow-dam, where he was caught by a large black dog, dragged into the Shouts by the tunnel under the Willow. Ron’s mouse has long been a Beastly Witch named Peter Pettigrew , who is thought to have been killed by Sirius Black.kill. Ron also contributed to the clarification of Sirius Black ‘s injustice .

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Before the fourth year of the Hogwarts trilogy, the Weasleys invite Harry and Hermione to watch the World Quidditch finals between Hungary and Ireland. Ron worships Hungary’s Seeker , Viktor Krum . Ron was astonished when Viktor Krum was a student at Durmstrang School of Magic, who attended the Triwizard Tournamentat Hogwarts. However, when Harry became the fourth person to be chosen to mysteriously enter the contest, Ron became one of the protesters, suspecting that Harry had cheated to qualify. As Hermione remarked, it was because Ron felt overwhelmed by the halo for Harry and his brothers. The two people have been almost without talking for almost a month. However, after Harry passed the first part of the competition, facing the Hungarian thorny dragon , Ron realized that the competition was dangerous and believed that Harry had no intention of attending the competition.

After the first part, Hogwarts opened the ball ( The Yule Ball ). Ron and Harry face a situation where there is no girlfriend to go with to attend the ceremony. Ron tried to invite Hermione in quite immature words, but Hermione had been invited by Viktor Krum so she could not accept. When the ball was about to take place, Harry saved them both by inviting the Patil twins (Ron left with Padma Patil). However, she was very depressed with Ron’s indifferent attitude and the faulty clothes he wore. Ron also paid no heed to Padma, only attention to Hermione walking with Viktor Krum. When Hermione came to talk to Harry and Ron, he lost his temper and said she was “hanging out with the enemy” and helped Krum in the competition. Later that evening, Hermione told Ron that it would be best if he invited her before Krum, don’t expect her to invite herself. After this, Ron still did not understand anything, both denying and forgetting the growing affection of the two for each other. Ron is jealous of Krum just as Hermione does not like Fleur Delacour (champion magic school Beauxbatons), whom Ron is almost fascinated.

In the second part of the test, Ron is the one chosen for Harry to save, because Ron is the one that Harry will “feel the most”. After the competition, Ron mocked Harry that it was too naive to think the hostages would be in real danger during the competition.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
During the fifth school year, Ron was chosen to be the Gryffindor Leader , surprising many people, especially Hermione, who also became Leaders. His brother Percy Weasley , who became distant from his family because of his love for power, sent congratulatory letters, advised him to stay away from Harry Potter, and should establish a relationship with Dolores Umbridge , the new professor. was assigned to the Dark Arts Prevention Department, which was an official of the Ministry of Magic . Ron always shows his friendship and sincerity with Harry when others think that he lied about Voldemort ‘s return., he often keeps others silent by being the Chief when talking about Harry. Despite frequent bickering, Ron and Hermione wholeheartedly supported Harry. Ron supported Hermione to ask Harry to teach people to practice Dark Art Prevention (forming the Dumbledore Army), something Umbridge had banned, to take away Dumbledore’s power at Hogwarts. Ron also joined the Quidditch team, but he had such a big problem with his mental and mental abilities that the Slytherin family composed a song about Ron helping the Slytherin win the trophy. However, in the final, he played well and helped the Gryffindor to win the cup.

Throughout the school year Harry has always had pain in the scar, Ron is always there. At the climax of this section, he also with Harry and his friends, Harry Potter , Hermione Granger , Ginny Weasley , Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood fought to regain the Prophecy at the Ministry of Magic, almost to death.

Harry Potter and the Blood Prince
In this episode, Ron has become taller after the summer vacation, and is noticed by her friend Lavender Brown . As the captain of the Quidditch team , Harry chose Ron to be the Goalkeeper for the Gryffindor, not Cormac McLaggen , who was also on par with Ron but had no teamwork and heeded little of Harry’s direction. When he learned that Hermione had kissed Viktor Krum , Ron had played Quidditch badly, abandoned his once-idol and behaved badly with Hermione. His self-esteem was further hurt after being attacked by Ginny, the younger sister whom he was angry when he saw her kissing her boyfriend, saying that Ron was the only one not yet kissed. To cheer Ron up, Harry pretended to let him drink Felix Felicis(Phuc Lac Duoc), made Ron play very well and helped the Gryffindor win the Slytherin. But that sparked a dispute between Ron and Hermione, Hermione criticized Harry for helping him to cheat, and Ron scolded Hermione for not believing in his abilities. During the victory celebration, Ron kissed Lavender (as Ginny described as “gobbling her face”). In jealousy, in retaliation Hermione invited Cormac McLaggen to the Horace Slughorn ‘s Christmas party , but he proved to be an extremely selfish man. After the party, Hermione continued to ignore Ron, looking at him with disdain and occasional corners, and Ron grew more and more dissatisfied with Lavender Brown.

On his birthday in March, Ron accidentally drank Love Potion which was for Harry. After drinking a glass of Slughorn’s honey wine, he is poisoned and almost dies without Harry’s rescue. Too nervous and frightened, Hermione threw away all previous anger. Ron often fake sleep when Lavender to visit. Once she recovered, Ron made up with Hermione and broke up with Lavender. Rowling said she “really enjoyed the story of Ron and Lavender, because when compared to the other two in the group, Ron seemed much less mature, and that made him more worthy of Hermione .. You have become more emotionally mature and have come a long way. ”

Initially, Ron did not support Harry Potter’s speculation that Draco Malfoy was Death Eaters , but later agreed. During the Hogwarts battle, Ron, like the rest of Dumbledore’s Army, enjoyed luck from Felix Felicis, so he was not injured. At Dumbledore’s funeral, Ron comforted Hermione. The two vowed to help Harry find the Horcruxes and destroy Voldemort, despite leaving the school.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Ron agrees to accompany Harry and Hermione on their mission to destroy the Horcruxes. Worried that the Ministry of Magic, now possessed by Voldemort, knew that he was traveling with Harry, Ron dressed up a short-lived, sick peasant, mushroom-dwarf demon.

During the raid on the Ministry, Ron dressed up as Reginald Cattermole. Wanting the first Horcrux not to be lost, Harry decided that each person would take turns keeping it throughout the trip. Ron is more affected by the evil arts of the necklace than Harry and Hermione. When he couldn’t stand the misery and disorientation of the group, he left the group. Immediately afterwards, he regretted, but was caught by a group of Moms, who could not return because of Hermione’s Death Eaters spells. Some time later, thanks to Dumbledore’s Light Off, Ron arrived at the two of them, saved Harry from drowning and suffocated under the ice lake, and took Gryffindor’s sword. With unexpected faith in fate, Harry forgave him and persuaded him to destroy the necklace with the sword. Although the magic of the bracelet turned into moving figures that touched the deepest emotions, most painful, he still went down to destroy the bracelet. Ron trembled with excitement, until Harry said that Hermione was just a friend and an older sister.

Later, the three were captured by Death Eaters, Hermione was tortured by Bellatrix Lestrange , Ron screamed in pain. They were later rescued by the Dobby elf, though Dobby was later killed by Bellatrix Lestrange. When the three returned to Hogwart to find a Horcrux, because Harry had lost the Gryffindor sword to the hands of the goblin Griphook , Ron had the idea of ​​using the Horoscope venom to destroy the Horcrux. He had imitated Parseltongue to open the door to the Chamber of Secrets . During the Battle of Hogwart, he had to witness the death of his brother Fred. He along with Neville defeated Fenrir Greyback .

19 years later
19 years after the collapse of Vodermort, Ron is married to Hermione Granger and has two children: the eldest daughter Rose Weasley is attending freshman year at Hogwart and her young son Hugo Weasley . Ron had passed the driver’s license in the Muggle world, although Hermione strongly believed that Ron could not park without putting Lu Lul’s charm on the examiner. Anyway, Ron secretly revealed to Harry that he actually used Lu Lan charm to judge examiners. He and Harry worked together as Aurors in the Ministry of Magic, and together with Hermione, they helped remodel the Ministry, far different from before.

Other names by Ronald Weasley

The Gryffindor members and other good friends call him “Ron”.
Luna Lovegood calls him by his full name.
Lavender Brown called him by the short name “Won-Won” when the two were dating.
Two brothers Fred and George jokingly call him “Ickle Ronniekins” (in part one)
Draco Malfoy and the unfriendly students from other Hogwarts call him “Weasel” or Red Hair “Red hair”.
Dobby once called him “Wheezy”
The teachers in the school called him “Mr.easley”
Once he used Weasleys ‘Wizard Wheezes’ Correct Spelling quills to write an essay on Dark Art Prevention, the pen ended and Ron’s name was changed to Roonil Wazlib.


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